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About Kinjal Pandya

Kinjal Pandya who has been a lecturer in Junior College has been in constant touch with the Teenagers and the youth of Metropolitan Mumbai and which inspired her to shift her focus from Academics to Psychology which she thinks is the root cause of any being the way He / she is.....

Undertaking Psychology (counselling) as her tool to educate people, Kinjal Pandya has considered Relationship as her Counselling expertise's according to her Relationships can Make or Break a person and its true endurance is essential.

Having a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, Kinjal uses GRAPHOLOGY as an aid and tool to reach out to her clients who find easy in building their Rapport with her while experiencing her unique style in connecting with her clients.

As a relationship counselor Kinjal Pandya has handled cases from teen related issues to menopausal depression which has major effects on an individual's rapport with social circles. A non conventional approach that helps her in building an excellent rapport with her clients that makes her client feel very comfortable to approach her.

Relationships involve many intimate problem areas also like Sexual tendencies, intimacies with partner/partners, addictions , physical discomfort, etc which can or necessarily lead to emotional trauma resulting in relationship issues.

All the above mentioned areas are dealt with maturity and complete confidentiality to help clients gain trust and open up 100% to release their burdens.

Dealing with intimate issues during one to one counselling and then group or family therapy is conducted to ensure a supportive ambiance for the clients at their home front and an extended helping hand thus is provided.

Apart from helping clients with one-one and group counselling ,workshops and seminars are also undertaken to address some common problem areas that affect society at large like Divorces, Break ups, Parent child relationships, Joint family issues, etc.

Workshop in secondary school sections are conducted to educate children about their personalities and the age related problems that could surface and how to deal with them.

Handwriting Analysis / Graphology:

Handwriting can say a lot about an individual's personality and traits which are at times not even known to the self. Through analysis of Handwriting ,it is possible to detect the typical behavioural aspects that lead to certain disturbances in life and making necessary changes in handwriting and SIGNATURE can bring about REMARKABLE changes in the personality of a person.