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In The Pursuit To Bring About Awareness Are We Unintentionally Promoting Suicides ?????

  • From last one-week there's been an uproar in the social media and among personal conversations too about the SSR suicide episode... Many or all those who have been putting up different aspects related to this is for bringing about an awareness into such situations but what I started observing from couple days after this episode is that more and more people are motivated to take such extreme steps where by the innocent children are also victims of parents with such suicidalthoughts.

    Unintentionally, be it people like me ( mentalhealthpractioners ) or others who believe in spreading awareness as a social cause, we are promoting other weak members of society to even look at suicide as a doable thing because it is DISCUSSED sooo much... People who have fogged minds do not read the message as DO or DON'T, they only read what fits their mental state and somewhere continuously speculating such negative things are definitely not helping people at large scale is what I believe.

    On one hand we want to talk about affirmations and spread positivityand on the other hand we keep duscussing such heartbreaking events.. It is not working in today's environment where many are subjected to stress and mentalchaos due to covid19 threatening to attack us from the beginning of this year.

    I am not contradicting my concerns I have expressed in my earlier posts on this but I am compelled to write this today after reading about families committing suicides for whatever reasons.. This is a devastating scenario and I am deeply saddened by such increasing number of people who are choosing the Flight And not the fight option against life...

    I pray to the universe to bestow STRENGTH and optimism and positivespirit to help us all sustain and sail through these difficult times....