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Life Of Resentment

  • It is a very sad situation with soo many people who are actually living the life of Resentment.. And most of these are individuals who are above average in intelligence and have used their memory power in holding on to the resentment secretly... Surprisingly, we can seldom identify these as most of these people have good job statuses and public image, rather they are known for their balanced approach in life... In a way, these people live dual lives... The life of reputation which is for the world and the life of resentment which is their personal world.

    The problem is now how they deal with their life of resentment as no one is aware of that and these people who struggle within start living by developing addictions to relieve them of their resentment temporarily... Thus.. The chronic cases of addictions, be it narcotics, alcohol, sex or tobacco are these people... They are suffering within but in denial on the outside....