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Mental Health stories.... (Forced incest and attempt to change orientation)

  • He was staying with his maternal uncle and aunt,in the city ,to pursue studies. Parents were uneducated and were into agriculture in interior Maharashtra.This uncivilized and innocent teenager who was never told anything about his sexuality was fighting his puberty issues and hormonal urges when the "Guardian " who was in charge of his safe and healthy upbringing created a mess in his life. Yes.. None other than his maternal aunt who first caught him watching porn,instead of making him understand the journey to adulthood either by direct conversation or via her husband or any professional.. She forced him into incestuous relationship and that too by convincing him to act like the opposite Gender... He would be continuously exposed to female inner wear to get into that mental frame. After having overcome that puberty stage when this youngster denied physical intimacy with his aunt, he was threatened that he will be exposed to his uncle as a molester.

    With such a pressure from the one at whose mercy is the child, it is a forced mixed orientation or simply a confused state of mind created due to an adult who is mentally not fit....

    Such and many more cases where very subtly MENTAL HEALTH is destroyed but never identified....

    (The story stated above is the case I have handled... And fortunately he is NOW living a stable life with his partner)


    Seek Help !

    Empower yourself !

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