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Who Is Responsible For Any Untimely Death????

  • we are such fabulous speculators and judges of others lives that moment we witness anything unusual or abnormal or unfortunate happening around us, we start drawing conclusions and ifs and buts because at that point we are mere AUDIENCES to the sensational episode that has taken place.

    Today we are all talking mentalhealthawareness and mentalhealthcare because for many of us it is cool to consider mental health issues important and indulge into conversations concerning mentalhealthissues but ask someone who is catering to a patient suffering from clinical mental health issues and their burnouts... It is even more difficult than suffering from mental health.Close people abandon and give up on ones who are suffering from psychological issues as it becomes extremely difficult for those in care to maintain their sanity while putting up with these patients.

    We as a third party hold either the victim who is ailing responsible or the near and dear ones responsible for failed cases of mental health.

    Can we as a society take some responsibility too?

    Can we please teach our children importance of identifiying their feelings and emotions and instead of only rushing for high grades and overall physical development of children.

    Can we as a society also communicate with each other openly about our negativeemotions without judging and help in deeper understanding of the problem???

    We boycott someone who cries at a drop of a hat, we bully someone who is not diplomatic and hypocrite in their approach, we gang up against someone to bring them down, we target others all the time because we have not dealt with our inner demons...

    WE , all are unintentionally, unknowingly and very subtly contributing too towards this glam oriented and ideal looking world which has lost its roots and is shaky in every move.

    Loads and loads of people have expressed their concerns, condolences and conclusions every time be it SushantSinghRajput or Shridevi but have we started working on that bit which we are responsible for towards our mentalhealth and our approach to not cause harm to someone else's mentalhealth too...



    #mentalhealth #depression #suicide #openness #awareness